Monday, September 7, 2009

FRMNT006 Review

By The Kind Fellas @ Boomkat

Formant Recordings make their smartest move to date with a crackin' 12" from Brackles cohort, Shortstuff. His recent 12" on Ramp is one to keep an ear out for, but this record swings in favour of a more meditative and feminine feel, espeically on the brilliant A-side 'Progression'. It's one of those "what do you call it?" moments with the rhythm, sitting on the periphery of garage, dubstep and UKF but doing it's own thing in fine style, while a brittle but lilting synth melody dances over the top, leading to thoughtful pads floating out to the end, like Pearson Sound meets D1 maybe? On the flip 'Relapse' tucks into a tight Garage roll with crafty sequencing, and 'A' flows out on an ace Zomby styled tip. Wicked 12" for any fans of Zomby or Pearson sound then!

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