Monday, September 14, 2009

FACT mix 83: El-B

As one half of Groove Chronicles with Noodles, and then with his Ghost crew, El-B brought giddy low end pressure and sharp, Photek style editing to the skippy, viscous rhythms of UK garage, unwittingly laying the foundations for dubstep in the process. Tracks like 'Stone Cold', 'Serious' and his remix of Zed Bias's 'Neighborhood' have become touchstones for fans of 2step, grime, funky house and beyond - revered by modern producers like Burial. For evidence, check Tempa's Roots of El-B compilation, compiled by Rinse DJ and all around bass blogger Martin 'Blackdown' Clark.

His FACT mix consists of his headline set from our last party. He's solo for the most part, then he's joined by his former partner in Groove Chronicles, Noodles, for the last quarter of an hour - and the first time the two have DJed back to back at a club for what, a decade? Tracks from Hard House Banton, MJ Cole and more feature alongside new dubs from El-B's Ghost label, and yes, it does feature 'Stone Cold'. Without wanting to sound too much like fannies, this mix is a little bit of history. It's not too often you can say that about something you can download in twenty minutes. MCing by Raw Smilez.

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