Sunday, December 27, 2009


Formant continues to scour the globe looking for the freshest dubs available, and the fruits of its latest search can be heard in ‘Light FM/Glass’ from Toronto’s XI.

Increasingly busy for his production prowess, XI pulls a listener in to ‘Light Fm’ with shimmering synths and smooth pads before giving way to jittering kicks and a heavily swung rhythm. Bukem style subs join the party and keep pushing the vibe forward with a relentlessly undulating bassline.

Meanwhile ‘Glass’ on the flip wanders down a dark alley in Berlin thanks to its filtered, glitch rhythm intro and heavy kicks. Skittering percussion rounds out the beat just before a truly decimating sub stomps in, oppressing and lifting the tune at the same time.
OUT JAN 2010

Both ‘Light Fm’ and ‘Glass’ are guaranteed to keep a floor guessing, and rocking.

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