Saturday, October 3, 2009


Following on from mind-blowing mix sessions earlier this year by Smutlee, Grievous Angel and Shortstuff, the Crazylegs mixtape series is about to return in full effect - perfectly in sync with the buildup to our first birthday party!

Except this time we're doing it a little differently. Crazylegs 004 isn't just one mix, it's FIVE mixes - each comprising roughly 30 minutes of the sickest underground bass music, each mixed by an artist from the amazing birthday party lineup, and all to be released in quick succession in the buildup to the event itself!

First up, a man that needs little introduction. Traditionally one of grime's elite producers, the brilliant host of's controversial breakfast show and newest signing to Kode 9's dubstep flagship label Hyperdub - we bring to you half an hour of the hardest, most twisted UK funky (some might call it "funkstep") from man like SCRATCHA DVA.

At Scratcha's request, we can't publish the tracklist for this mix, but rest assured it is SICK. Tracks from Proxy and Major Lazer jump out as a real indicator where his sound is going at the moment - cold, mechanical beats and distorted bass stabs expertly blended together with deeper UK sounds to satisfy house heads and bass fiends alike. This is something very different, and very special.

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